We are often contacted by members of the community, in need of assistance with rehoming their pet. If we are full (meaning we have no available foster homes), we try to help in other ways, including contacting available resources and courtesy posting. In order for us to courtesy post a pet, the animal MUST be fixed (meaning neutered or spayed)! This is our number one rule, and it is the reason there are SO many homeless animals in the first place! You must also have had a recent heartworm test done, that way we can be sure that a potential adopter is aware of any health issues. Many times we can point you towards assistance to get these things done, so don’t let it keep you from contacting us!

As always, we strongly encourage you to be resourceful and find ways of keeping your pet. If you give the pet to a county shelter, then you should be aware that those shelters euthanize. The odds are very slim for your pet to get out of the shelter alive…Unfortunately, that’s the cold hard truth. If you do decide that rehoming your pet is absolutely necessary, please keep in mind, finding a new home takes several days, and sometimes even weeks or months. Please do NOT expect us to rehome your pet in just a couple of days. Be patient, and committed to finding the best home for your PET! If we are able to courtesy post your pet, this means we will list him/her on our Facebook page, as well as on additional adoption sites (Petfinder, RescueMe). We will screen potential adopters, to help ensure your pet goes to a great, new forever home! This is done at no cost to you. It is our way of trying to keep additional dogs from being taken to the over-crowded, high kill shelters!

If you are in need of our assistance, or have any questions about this process, please email us at LastHopeRescueFL@gmail.com.