For an overwhelming number of wonderful pets, Last Hope Rescue is their LAST HOPE for life. 

Last Hope Rescue, Inc.

501(c)3 Corporation; EIN# 45-12222140

PO BOX 13723, Tallahassee, Florida 32317

Our rescue operation is completely funded by donations and your generosity makes it possible to continue our efforts. 

Did you know that Last Hope Rescue celebrated our FIFTH anniversary in 2016? We are proud of our accomplishments, with over 400 dogs saved or re-homed! The reason we can do this? YOU!! Our adopters, FB followers, friends, fosters, volunteers, business and shelter partners, and the support of our great community!  Without networking, donations, both financial and supplies, and giving us some of your precious time, we could not have been such a success! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!


Last Hope Rescue really is the “last hope” for so many dogs in the Tallahassee area (and the rest of North Florida and Georgia because hey, they need us too!) that are in danger and in need of loving attention. We recognized the sad fact that so many great animals get put down every day for sheer lack of space in shelters–through no fault of their own–and decided to step in.  Most of our dogs are pulled from the shelter on the very day that they are scheduled to be put down.






If you need help, want to help, have questions, want to tell us “Hi”, or anything like that please contact us through our contact tab, or by finding us on social media!


Instagram: lasthoperescuefl

Twitter: @lasthoperescue