Have you attended one of our events, and had a blast? Adopted your best friend from us? We’d love to hear about your experiences with our pack, 2-legged & 4-legged included! Leave us a testimonial, and we’ll send you some virtual tail wags!!

Both of my dogs are rescues and I couldn’t love either of them more. I’ve had Boudreaux, my one eyed bruiser with the heart of a marshmallow, for about 3 years. And the hilarious, fluffy, bossy, goofy Bhalu just joined our family about a month ago, thanks to the wonderful folks at Last Hope Rescue. These boys have become fast friends and they make my life so much richer.
Stephanie, Tallahassee Florida
"Oscar is my heart dog. There is no other way to explain it. From the second I saw his picture, I knew he was going to be special to me. He is a great doggie brother to our boxer, Lucy & to the human kiddo, Jayden. He also welcomes every foster dog into our homes with lots of kisses and tail wags! I love him so much, and am proud of the dog he is! Thanks Last Hope Rescue, for bringing him into my life!"
Rebecca, Tallahassee Florida
“Vinnie (Vincenzo) has been busy leading a biker-dog lifestyle. He enjoys running next to the bike and taking long bike rides.
When he’s not cycling around town he plays with his friends and takes intense doggy naps. I love him!”

Kearstin, Tallahassee Florida
“I adopted Wickett from LHR at the beginning of last summer. Since then he’s been my primary stress relief, walking buddy, and best friend. Thanks to your help we definitely rescued each other.”
Becky, Tallahassee Florida
“Just wanted to say thank you for everything you do…2 years ago I adopted my best friend/furbaby from LHR (romeo now Brody from Gracie’s litter). Without you guys doing what you do, I would never have had Brody! He is my world!”
Jessica, Tallahassee Florida
"I always wanted a second dog, my husband opposed it. I started volunteering with Last Hope Rescue awaiting the perfect dog I could convince my husband in loving. We did an overnight with Tess at Christmas and on my 29th anniversary she became ours. She was scared of men when we got her and I held my breath everyday that she would take to him. Well, six months later she sleeps in our bed and lays next to him on the couch. I’m starting to think she is becoming his dog…. ha ha. We love Tess and are grateful for the opportunity Last Hope Rescue gave us to be sure she was a good fit with us and her doggie sibling. Tess and Nugget love each other and are forever bonded. Thank you Last Hope Rescue."
Laura Rutledge, Tallahassee Florida
"Ruby Joon was my foster failure…although, I kind of chose her knowing that it might happen that way. When I went to pick her up from transport on the day I was bringing her home “to foster”, there were three of us kneeling down next to her crate and when they opened it she bounded out and literally jumped into my lap. We all laughed and the remark was made that she must have known I was coming for her. She is truly one of the happiest dogs I’ve met. She loves people of all ages, all other dogs she has met, and she is constantly making me laugh with her antics. RJ has also been a wonderful ambassador to the fosters that have come through our home, helping them learn about trust, being loved, and what it means to sleep in a big, warm bed. Thank you, Last Hope Rescue for helping me find my girl, Ruby Joon!"
Jenn B, Tallahassee Florida
"In honor of #nationaldogday, here’s an update on my sweet girl, Ivey Mae! I adopted her in September 2011, she was then one of the first dogs that LHR rescued back when the organization started and now look at where the organization has grown! So glad Ivey is in my life. We live in Idaho now and she LOVES playing in the snow and spending time outside and in the mountains with her sister dog, Maggie (also a rescue). She had a rough start to life, but over time, she’s totally come out of her shell and is a really social and fun-loving dog. She loves to swim in the river and cuddle on the couch (she is excellent at cuddling). She’s even going on a backpacking trip this weekend and has her own backpack to carry during the trip. Thank you so much, especially to Dana, for connecting the two of us. Ivey is about to turn 4 years old in a few months and I can’t imagine life without her. She is an incredibly special dog. Thanks for all that you’re doing, keep up the good work Ashlie + Ivey Mae"
Ashlie, Tallahassee Florida
"Ellie had a GREAT first trip to my dad’s house in North Carolina. She was extremely well. Slept the WHOLE 9 hour car ride both ways, played well with all the farm animals and never once had to be on the leash. She is extremely smart and listens to me very well. I am so in love with her and can’t thank Last Hope enough for bringing this wonderful baby girl into my life! Thank you again for everything you do!"
Dana Anderson, Tallahassee Florida

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